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Scott London, Ex-Auditor From Insider-Trading Scheme, Is Out of Prison, Has a Job

What do Fraud, Ethics and Strategy have in common?

Fraudsters in Demand as Speakers Amid White-Collar Crackdown - Risk & Compliance - WSJ

Prison-Bound KPMG Ex-Partner Remorseful for Insider Tips - WSJ

Former KPMG Partner Scott London Speaks out Before Starting Prison Term - Accounting Today

WSJ Special Report - White Collar Criminals for Hire - From the Penitentiary to the Podium

Confessions of an insider trader on the eve of his prison sentence - WSJ MarketWatch

Forbes Former KPMG Partner Scott London Shares Cautionary Tale Before Prison

Former KPMG Partner Scott London to Hold CPE-Eligible Webcast on Ethics Before He Goes to Prison for Insider Trading

Ever Thought, 'How Did He Get Promoted?' Here's How - WSJ

How to Tell If Your Coworkers Are Using Their Manipulative Powers for Good or Evil - At Work - WSJ

What Corporate Climbers Can Teach Us - WSJ

Deceit, Lies and Embezzlement - by white collar criminal Amy Wilson    

Fraud: The 15 biggest risks for 2013 - By Gary D. Zeune, CPA    

Ethics 7 Ways CPAs Violate the NEW AICPA Requirements - By Gary D. Zeune, CPA

Fraud Risks for 2009 Engagements
- By Gary D. Zeune, CPA

Financial fraud -- accounting for criminals - By Kevin Voight, CNN

Guarantee Your Profits - By Gary D Zeune, CPA

Don't Measure Just Profits - By Gary D Zeune, CPA

Are clean opinions materially misstated? Warning! Reading this article will be painful. By Gary Zeune, CPA

Measuring Nonfinancial Performance for Competitive Superiority - By Gary D Zeune, CPA Journal of Working Capital Management

BA520 Managerial Accounting, Prof David Burgstahler, Mueller Endowed Professor of Accounting, University of Washington, Balanced Scorecard and Intro to Economic Value Added, Class Session 14.

The Breakfast Club - By Roger Blackwell

Published in Portfolio.com and AquaCareer

Are Immaterial Amounts Ever Material? - By Gary D. Zeune, CPA  

Published by Ohio Society of CPAs, AuditNet, Wisconsin Inst of CPAs, Assn of Government Auditors, Georgia Society of CPAs, Oregon Society of CPAs, Idaho Society of CPAs, and AuditNet

Embezzling from MCI easy, ex con says - By Joe Napsha, Pittsburgh Tribune Review  

Published in Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Who Needs to be president when you can give speeches? - By Ralph De La Cruz, Lifestyle Columnist, Sun-Sentinel.com

Whitewater Drowned Webb Hubbell - By Bruce Rubenstein, Executive Counsel

Got Problems? 10 steps to effectively implementing the new Risk Assessment Standards - By Gary D. Zeune

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Fraudster? Lessons from an Honest Person Turned Felon - White Collar Crime Fighter - By Chuck Gallagher

Want better internal controls? Tell a story - By Elaine Gregory & Gary D. Zeune  

Wrong Strategy + Wrong People = Fraud/Theft/Abuse - By Gary D. Zeune

Published by Auditnet

Auditors And Airport Screeners Have Similar Blind Spots - By Gary D. Zeune

Should Auditors Be Airport Screeners? Or why they both miss what they're paid to detect. - By Gary D. Zeune  

Published by Auditnet

Lecture explores means to prevent fraud - By Andrew Welsh  

Ex-con: Cunningham Faces Rough Road In Prison - By William Finn Bennett

Walt Pavlo USA TODAY Ethics training -By Greg Farell and Jayne O'Donnell

Gary Zeune on Fraudsters Speaking Out on Fraud The Corporate Counsel - Podcast

Published by TheCorporateCounsel.net

OU alumnus examines corporate crime, criminals - By Ashley Ferguson

Ex-cons tout ethics through corporate speakers bureau - By Sarah Anderson

Man's Lifestyle Sold Investors - By Jim Woods 

"The Pros of Cons" By Michael Goldstein

Legal Audits: Does Your Borrower Need A Checkup? - This Article Applies to All Entities -  Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn.

Does your compensation system encourage illegal activity? - By Gary D. Zeune, CPA, Published in White Collar Crime Fighter

Speaker explains how corporate con men get away with it - By Jim Phillips [ Athens NEWS Senior Writer ] in The Athens News

How to Foster Fraud : Forget Ethics - By Gary D. Zeune in White Collar Crime Fighter

Your Auditors Can Stop Fraud , If they know what to look for - By Stephen Pedneault published in White Collar Crime Fighter

After Serving Time, Executives Now Serve Up Advice - by CHRISTOPHER S. STEWART
in The New York Times

Local CPA, ex-cons attempt to spread word that crime doesn't pay - by SEAN CASEY [ Daily Reporter Staff Writer ] in Central Ohio Source " The Daily Reporter"

The costs of not securing personally identifiable Data - By Benjamin Wright "The Information Systems Audit and Control Assn."

Ex-Cons find peace and paycheck on the Burgeoning lecture circuit - By Joshua Harris Prager published in Wall Street Journal

Felons become educators for Business - By Mitch Moxley [ Financial Post ] Published in National Post

A new regard for ethics on the job - By MEREDITH COHN [ SUN STAFF ]

The pros of preventing cons - White-collar criminals help companies avoid fraud in their midst By Chiree McCain, For Business First

Are You Teaching Your Employees to Steal? - By Founder Gary D. Zeune, CPA in Strategic Finance

When it's one of your own a first-person account of Fraud Inside A Bank - by ex-con Dave London in RMA Journal

FRAUD HAPPENS : How an honest employee crossed the line - by Teri lyn Norwood Published in White - Collar Crime Fighter Magazine

Internal theft can destroy years of small business owner's work - by Jane Applegate

Fraud and Theft Start Small - by Founder Gary Zeune in NJ CPA Society Journal

How to Predict When People Will Embezzle - by Founder Gary Zeune in White Collar Crime Fighter

Hubbell details life of fraud - from San Antonio Express

Speaking with Conviction - from Report on Fraud

Corporate crooks hit lecture circuit - from Denver Post

Ex-Con Tells How Auditors Failed to Help Clients Guard Against Fraud - by Mark Morze in White Collar Crime Fighter

Preventing Your Firm's "Enron" - by Founder Gary Zeune in Ohio CPA Journal

SAS 99 17 Ways to Protect Yourself From Malpractice - by Founder Gary Zeune in 7 CPA journals

Regulation SAS 99 Aimed at Curbing Company Fraud - from Bizjournals

Business First Auditors' Alert: How NOT to Get Sued Under Fraud Auditing Standards - by Founder Gary Zeune in White Collar Crime Fighter

SAS 99 Friend or Foe - by Founder Gary Zeune in two publications

(SAS 99 RMA) Look Out! New fraud auditing standard holds worrisome implications for financial statement reliability : interview with Gary Zeune in RMA Journal (for banking industry)

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