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The Gary Zeune & Associates are Training, Writing and Consulting in Fraud and Audit Failures, Leadership Skills and Strategies as well as in Strategic Leadership Techniques to avoid fraud.

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2010 Professional Education Courses
Mix and match topics for a custom presentation from 1 to 8 hours for conferences or in-house classes.


Auditing: Implementing the NEWLY Revised Risk Assessment Standards

Auditing: What’s New for 2010 Engagements

Accountants Guide to Fraud in Compilations/Reviews/Audits

Fraud: 15 NEW Hot Topics

Controllers Profit Building Toolkit

Accountants Guide to Detecting and Preventing Internal Fraud, Theft and Abuse

Accountants Guide to Fraud and Abuse in Government and Non-profits

Controller to CFO: 11 Skills to Make the Trip

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Ex-con Shares 15 Things You Need to Know About Fraud for an Uncertain Audit Environment

Auditing: Ex-con Mark Morze Teaches Fraud Detection and Prevention

Ex-con Shares 14 Fraudulent Reporting Techniques

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Accountants Guide to Practical Business Law for 2010+2011
(How to get the terms you need in a difficult economic climate)

A CPA routinely encounters legal questions applicable to either the client or the firm. This course is chock full of tips, best practices and recent developments from a seasoned lawyer.

Accountants Guide to Email, Record Retention, Destruction & Security for 2010+2011
In a survey by CAMICO Insurance, 90% of jurors said accountants should know the laws that relate to financial matters.


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